Slide and Seek

Published by Nosy Crow

Baby’s First Playbook  FARM

Published by Campbell Books

Pounce! Little Kitten

Dig! Little Puppy

Published by Campbell Books

Baby’s Very First Book: Faces and Farm

Published by Campbell Books

Flip, Flap, Mr Croc

Published by Hodder Children’s Books

Happy Birthday, Mr Croc!

Published by Hodder Children’s Books

Splat! Little Cow

Bump! Little Owl

Stomp! Little Dinosaur

Oops! Little Chick

Published by Campbell Books

Icky Sticky Monster

Published by Nosy Crow

Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat What Can you See?

Puppy Dog, Puppy Dog How are you?

Published by Campbell Books 15th June 2017

Tiger, Tiger Time To Take A Bath!

Moo Cow, Moo Cow Please Eat Nicely!

Published by Campbell Books 9th February 2018

Text by Sally Symes.


 Published by Campbell Books - Baby's First Playbook: Peepo is an interactive activity book for busy little hands and minds. Babies will love to tug and twist the chunky tabs and find out who is playing peepo.

With bright illustrations, stimulating, high-contrast patterns and shapes plus a shiny mirror, this is the perfect book for active babies of 6 months plus!

Giraffe, Giraffe What Will You Wear Today?

Little Owl, Little Owl Can’t You Sleep?

Published by Campbell Books 14th June 2018

Text by Sally Symes.