Recently I received a lovely email from a family in Malaysia. Their daughter loves ‘Ping and Polo Busy Day’ so much that they had a Ping and Polo party for her 1st Birthday! I am very flattered!

Happy Birthday Kay Lee!

Today is publication day for

Bump! Little Owl

Splat! Little Cow

See behind the scenes -

Also available in the series

Stomp! Little Dinosaur

Oops! Little Chick

Today is publication day for Happy Birthday, Mr Croc!

As recommended in The Guardian’s The Best New Children’s Books Summer 2014

Just arrived - Spanish and Catalan copies of Flip, Flap, Mr Croc published by @Edelvives.

There are 216 different combinations to play with!

Publication day for Flip, Flap, Mr Croc' published by Hodder Children's Books!

Publication day for Slide and Seek books

There’s a lemur in my laundry 

There’s a panda in my picnic

Published by Nosy Crow.

Published today by Nosy Crow - Two more SLIDE AND SEEK books -

There's a cow in my car!

There's a toucan on my telephone!

I am honoured to have an illustration in #BathKidsLitFest RedChair Art Auction!

Get ready for some fun with another amazing board book from author and artist Jo Lodge, featuring super fun and easy-for-little-hands-to-use sliders! Even the first page is a slide and seek! In “There’s a Cow in my Car!” an assortment of animals are hidden around the garden! Can you find the alligator munching apples in the apple tree? How about the walrus in the watering can? What ferocious animal do you think might be hidden in the shed?! With hilarious alliteration and bold, funny artwork and a cast of lovable characters, this silly book is easy for your little one to memorize after just a read or two! (We personally have evidence of this with Dolly’s 2-year-old friend, Emma! Knew every word to read it all by herself, and giggled away madly!)

“There’s a Cow in my Car!” by Jo Lodge

Book review by

Just arrived - Frisian co-editions of 'Splat! Little Cow' and 'Bump! Little Owl'. Also Taiwanese co-editions of 'Dig! Little Puppy' and 'Pounce! Little Kitten'.

Just arrived - German copies of 'There's a cow in my car!' and 'There's a panda in my picnic!'

Baby's Very First Book: Faces and Farm published today by Campbell Books!

Book review by BookBairn

A Baaaa Book

Last week BookBairn celebrated her first birthday, and I can't believe how quickly the year has flown in and how much she has changed. It certainly makes our days more exciting now that they involve play, conversations, dancing, crawling, (almost) walking alongside the eat, sleep, repeat that those early days revolved around. She has become quite the little mimic and will repeat many of the words and sounds that she hears and has also started to learn lots of words. Alongside the usual mama and dada, she can now tell you about the menagerie of animals that we are collecting.

One of her favourite chatterbox activities is to talk about animal noises and she is particularly fond of "sssss" for snake, "baaa" for sheep and a clip clop noise of horses feet. Not surprisingly then "Baby's First Playbook: Farm" by Jo Lodge makes for great fun, play and noises! As you are probably aware our house is overflowing with books so BookBairn has renamed some of her favourites so that we can help her find the one she's after. This one has been renamed "booo-k baaaaa" (clearly because it has a sheep in it!).

This book is full of entertainment for little ones and Bookbairn enjoys playing with it by herself as well as reading with grown ups. It has taken her a little time to master the pull and slide tabs (and even now she prefers to move the pictures without using the tabs) but that never stopped her enjoying this book from the very first read.

This book consists of ten pages filled with interactive, brightly coloured illustrations of some farm animal favourites. On the publishers website Jo Lodge is not only described as an illustrator but a 'paper engineer' and I have no doubt that she is deserving of such a description. The thick and sturdy tabs reveals illustrations of farm animals in Jo Lodge's distinctive style that appeals to little readers that are set in frames of high contrast patterns and shapes. We now have several books by Jo Lodge and find that all her characters are incredibly appealing with their cute and funny expressions and clear lines complimented by bold colours, which are perfectly designed to engage little ones as their eyesight develops.

The engineering in this book will no doubt engage many little bookbairns. Several of the pages have pull and slide tabs which reveal animal pals but BookBairn particularly enjoys the page with the sunshine that when you move the tab up and down makes the rays of the sun move (the counter side makes cute little ducks bob up and down on the pond). She giggles everytime we 'read' this page!

The last pages reveal a shiny mirror that BookBairn loves to kiss and the final page which has pictures of all the animals from the book and she likes to point at the sheep (shouting "baaaa") and the horse ("clip clip clop") and the baby ("baby" - yes a proper word too!).

For anyone with little readers like BookBairn this book is a must have! We read/play with this 'Playbook' every day! We are looking forward to the next Playbook by Jo Lodge and Campbell Publishers (it's called Baby's First Playbook: Peepo and features lots of different babies and their parents).

Published today by Campbell Books - Pounce! Little Kitten and Dig! Little Puppy

Mr Croc books now available in Chinese -

published by Ronshin Group

Baby's First Playbook : Farm published today by Campbell Books!

Icky Sticky Monster has won the Sheffield Baby Book award 2013!

The Sheffield Children’s Book Awards this year celebrate its 25th anniversary. This baby book section was voted for by 1336 children. So a big thank you to all the children that voted for Icky Sticky Monster and to Sheffield Libraries for a lovely day!

Also thank you to Nosy Crow for the hilarious rhyming text!

Mr Croc is now available as an educational app on Mindshapes - My Story World.

Just arrived in the post - 'Ping and Polo' Chinese editions.

Publication Day for Sticky Storybooks published by Hodder Children’s Books

Concept and text by  Karen Wallace

Illustration by Jo Lodge

Publication Day for 'Hungry or Not, Mr Croc?' published by Hodder Children’s Books

Thank you to all children and parents who came to Edinburgh International Book Festival on Saturday!

Lovely mask decorating!

Almost ready for Edinburgh International Book Festival this Saturday 17th August.

Come and colour in a mask and make a hand puppet to take home - perfect for very young readers. You also get to meet a very special, green and toothy guest!

Publication Day for Stomp! Little Dinosaur and Oops! Little Chick

published by Campbell Books.

Concept and Text by Campbell Books

Illustration and Paper engineering by Jo Lodge

'Happy Snappy' has won the Myra Robertson Everyday Book of the Year as voted by local families! A big thank you to Craigmillar Books for Babies and to all the families that voted for Mr Croc.

Publication Day for Mr Croc activity books -'Puzzle and Play, Mr Croc' and 'Colour and Stick, Mr Croc' published by Hodder Children's Books.

Bologna Book Fair starts today!

Last week I was busy making up samples for the book fair

of my latest book, ‘Hungry or not, Mr Croc?’

I had to cut out lots of pieces and then stick them together to make a book.

Here is a photo of all the different parts.

In this pop-up book, Mr Croc munches on lots of different foods. He crunches on some cornflakes, slurps up spaghetti and gobbles up ice cream. Yum, yum! After all this food Mr Croc is still feeling hungry! What will he do?
¡¡El Monstruo Pegamocos!! (Icky Sticky Monster)

Lili Cuentacuentos

Here is a link to Lili Cuentacuentos’s blog.

This was forwarded onto me from Ediciones B España,

the Spanish publisher of Icky Sticky Monster.

Lili runs story telling sessions and she has made these

fantastic monster masks with some children based on

“Monstruo Pegamocos” (Icky Sticky Monster).

She has also written a Spanish rap song based on the book.

Publication day for Ready to Rock, Mr Croc? published by Hodder Children’s Books.

The Bath Kids LitFest was lots of fun.

After listening to some Mr Croc and Little Roar stories,

the children decorated some Little Roar masks.

Then there was a surprise visit from Mr Croc!


Little reviewer who loves ‘Ready to Rock, Mr Croc?

He keeps on kissing Mr Croc!

Publication Day for Icky Sticky Monster
published by Nosy Crow!

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Just arrived - Polish copies of Dig! Little Puppy and Pounce! Little Kitten.

29th April 2016

Just arrived - Spanish - Catalan and Castilian co-editions of Baby's First Playbook:Farm

25th May 2016

Just arrived Turkish co-editions of Oops! LIttle Chick, Stomp! Little Dinosaur, Bump! Little Owl, Dig! Little Puppy, Pounce! Little Kitten and Splat! Little Cow published by Mikado. Thank you Campbell Books!

17th January 2017

Just arrived Chinese copies of Ride Your Tractor, Mr Croc published by Ronshin Group.

23rd January 2017

Just arrived Italian copies of Stomp! Little Dinosaur, Oops! Little Chick, Pounce! Little Kitten and Dig! Little Puppy. Published by published by Gribaudo 2017.

15th March 2017

Just arrived - Belgian co-editions of the Little Movers series.

15th March 2017

Just arrived - Korean co-editions of the Little Movers series.

3rd April 2017

Just arrived - advance copies for the first Wiggle and Giggle titles - Puppy Dog, Puppy Dog How are you? and Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat What Can you See? with brilliant text by Campbell Books. A big thank you to Sally Symes, Lucy Featherstone, Ella Butler and the rest of the Campbell team! Publication day 15th June 2017.

26th May 2017

Just arrived Taiwanese, Spanish, Czech, Polish and Italian co-editions of Wiggle And Giggle.

18th June 2017

Publication Day!

'Puppy Dog, Puppy Dog How Are You?' and 'Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat What Can You See?'

Published by Campbell Books with clever rhyming text by Campbell's Sally Symes.

Thank you Campbell!


27th July 2017

Publication Day! Baby's First Playbook: Peepo 

Published by Campbell Books - Baby's First Playbook: Peepo is an interactive activity book for busy little hands and minds. Babies will love to tug and twist the chunky tabs and find out who is playing peepo.

With bright illustrations, stimulating, high-contrast patterns and shapes plus a shiny mirror, this is the perfect book for active babies of 6 months plus!

2nd January 2018

Just arrived first copies of the new WIGGLE AND GIGGLE books out next month published by Campbell Books. Thank you Campbell - Sally, Lucy and Ella.

And thank you Sally Symes for the hilarious text!

4th January 2018

Just arrived Spanish and Slovakian copies of new WIGGLE AND GIGGLE books.

Published today by Campbell Books! Text by Sally Symes.

Tiger, Tiger Time To Take A Bath!

Moo Cow, Moo Cow Please Eat Nicely!

8th February 2018

7th March 2018

Just arrived 'Wiggle and Giggle' foreign editions!

Now available in French, Italian, Brazilian, Taiwanese. and Welsh.

28th May 2018

Wiggle And Giggle fun with Sally Symes at the Steyning Festival! Thank you to all the children and parents who took part and made some wonderful Big Bears. Also thank you Steyning Bookshop for making us so welcome. And a big ‘thank you’ to our lovely photographer and assistant Daisy Symes.

23rd May 2018

Preparations with Sally Symes for the Children’s Pop-up Book Workshop - Steyning Festival 2018. At the Steyning Bookshop -  Saturday 26th May at 14.30-16.00.

14th June 2018

Publication Day!

Giraffe, Giraffe What Will You Wear Today?

Little Owl, Little Owl Can’t You Sleep?

Published by Campbell Books 14th June 2018

Text by Sally Symes.


Little Owl, Little Owl Can’t You Sleep? has been shortlisted for the BookTrust Storytime Awards!

The BookTrust is a fantastic charity that puts books into the hands of young readers and I’m honoured to be involved. Also I’m very grateful to my publisher Campbell Books and the creative and dynamic team there - especially my editor Sally Symes who wrote the fabulous text!

27th May 2019

ROAR! ROAR! I’M A DINOSAUR! published today by Boxer Books!

4th July 2019

Coming soon!

Rainbow Garden and 1,2,3 Under The Sea

published by Scholastic

Coming soon!

The Googlies published by Campbell Books