“For anyone with little readers like BookBairn this book is a must have! We read/play with this 'Playbook' every day! We are looking forward to the next Playbook by Jo Lodge and Campbell Publishers (it's called Baby's First Playbook: Peepo and features lots of different babies and their parents).


“Jo Lodge’s delightful Mr Croc series . . . boasts fabulous pop-ups. . .”

The Observer

“Brilliantly interactive books for toddlers.”

Wendy Cooling, Bookstart

“I totally recommend Noisy Things That Go by Jo Lodge.”

The Independent - My Secret Life: Lauren Laverne, TV & radio presenter

There’s a lemur in my laundry!  “In addition to the delight of revealing the animals themselves in Jo Lodge’s rainbow coloured pictures, there are animal sounds and the repeat ‘I don’t believe it!’ to join in with, and lovely alliterative sentences to relish. Great for beginner readers to share with toddler siblings too.” Jillrbennett

There’s a panda in my picnic! “(Jo Lodge’s) signature style – think quirky animals and bold, colourful artwork – is strong as ever, and the slide and seek series offers a robust and fun alternative to lift-the-flap books.” Mumsnet

There’s a panda in my picnic! You may not believe this, but there is a cheetah in your cheese! Lots of other interesting animals are hiding in all of the yummy food in your picnic, too! Sweet, little eyes peer out and give you the clue that they’re ready to play peek-a-b00 from behind some tasty treats, waiting for you to find them! This delightful “slide and seek” book is filled with humor, to make reading fun! Author Jo Lodge is an illustrator and “paper engineer” who has created something truly original with this book. Most pop-up books are dainty, must be handled with care and are generally too difficult for a child to work. “There’s A Panda in My Picnic” is a board book made with little ones in mind; the pages are very thick and easy to manipulate so that children can work it on their own without help! The illustrations are captivating, with bright, bold colors. The text is big and bold, perfect for early readers.  My daughter Dolly loves to practice sliding the pages up or down to reveal a friendly animal smiling back at her from between a familiar piece of food!”   Diapers & Daydreams

There’s a cow in my car!  “Get ready for some fun with another amazing board book from author and artist Jo Lodge, featuring super fun and easy-for-little-hands-to-use sliders! Even the first page is a slide and seek! In “There’s a Cow in my Car!” an assortment of animals are hidden around the garden! Can you find the alligator munching apples in the apple tree? How about the walrus in the watering can? What ferocious animal do you think might be hidden in the shed?! With hilarious alliteration and bold, funny artwork and a cast of lovable characters, this silly book is easy for your little one to memorize after just a read or two! (We personally have evidence of this with Dolly’s 2-year-old friend, Emma! Knew every word to read it all by herself, and giggled away madly!”       Diapers & Daydreams

There’s a toucan on my telephone!“I don’t believe it… there’s a toucan on my telephone!” Well, believe it. Author and amazing artist Jo Lodge is at it yet again with this hilarious slide-and-seek book! (Even the first page is a slide-and-seek!) “There’s a Toucan on my Telephone!” is 100% toddler friendly, with easy-to-pull up/down slider mechanisms that combine repetition that is easy to memorize with hilarious alliteration, portraying a cast of clever characters hiding throughout your house! Did you hear something roar-ing from inside your toybox? Was Mommy’s purse oink-ing?! Does that chewing sound mean something is nibbling at your books?! Oh my goodness, that can only mean one thing! You may not believe it, but you should! There’s a bunch of crazy animals in unlikely places in your house, and they are about to make things silly!!” Diapers & Daydreams

Bump! Little Owl “Taking first flight, like first steps, is harder than it looks! In “Bump! Little Owl’ by author Jo Lodge, we watch along with a friendly bee as up in the tree Little Owl kicks his feet and flaps his wings, preparing for take off. But he doesn’t take flight. Instead, Little Owl takes a tumble down and BUMP!, he bonks his little owl noggin! Hopefully his Owl Mommy is nearby to give him kisses and cuddles.This sweet and funny board book is the perfect story to read together. Every page has either a push or pull tab or a pop up picture. Children ages 2-3 years and up who can work the fun push and pull tabs on every page will enjoy reading it by themselves! The pages are the ideal thickness for small fingers to learn and practice to turn pages. The book is filled with bright and friendly illustrations that lead to a whole lot of interactive fun! “BUMP! Little Owl” is a “Push, Pull, Pop!” book! This book is adorable and imaginative. It’s a perfect book for reading- and playing- together. Dolly likes to read it over and over. She is working on figuring out the push and pull but is practicing hard, great for her coordination!”

Diapers & Daydreams

Icky Sticky Monster “Small children will love joining in with Icky Sticky’s awful antics in this ustterly REVOLTING rhyming pop-up book from a best-selling illustrator. It features five hilarious pop-ups . . .”

Good Reads

Icky Sticky Monster  “The short, snappy text and the size and boldness of the pop-ups make this a surefire choice for group sharing, but novice and reluctant readers will also enjoy tackling this on their own. This has obvious and wide appeal, and the kids who gravitate towards Shel Silverstein’s grosser poetic offerings will be particularly pleased by Icky’s actions.”  The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

Icky Sticky Monster  “A book just for little boys. It is all about disgusting monsters doing disgusting things! This bright, fun pop up style book will have him laughing as he discovers a monster playing hide and seek in the toilet, a monster offering to share his snot and even a monster looking for lunch in the rubbish bin! … When children are old enough to appreciate pop up books (and not just rip them) they really do add an extra element of fun to a story. Every page in Icky Sticky Monster has a brightly coloured background which suits the story perfectly … if you have a little monster in your life this would be a good Christmas pick! Girls will love it too!”  Beauty and Lace

Icky Sticky Monster “Irresistible … Offering goofy, boldly colored cartoons, Lodge delights in the general grossness (the monster’s drink of choice is “stinky, wormy cabbage juice with added chunks of slug”). Her readers will, too.” Publishers Weekly

Zoom and Fly, Mr Croc  “Jo Lodge’s illustrations are fantastic . . . Everything is bold, bright and vibrant. Every page is a joy to pore over . . . Highly recommended.” The Bookbag